刚才打开浏览器,不知道哪个网页里跳出一个mackeeper的下载网页,手法是“安全恐吓”,这招对普通人很有效,但我可是见识过中国流氓软件的人啊,臭名昭著的360浏览器就是靠这招迅速打败了Maxthon浏览器,然后又推出了360安全软件继续劫持用户的电脑,不知道mackeeper是什么来路,居然想在Mac电脑用户里用360的手法的开辟市场,这些年来,常常在别人的网页上的google adsense广告里看到这个家伙,我总是点它的广告,下载了却不安装,我就是要给他增加一点点成本压力。




维基百科上说乌克兰的Kromtech收购了总部位于美国的mackeeper ,人们都说mackeeper是欺诈软件:

Kromtech is a European-based technology investment firm founded in 2012. In 2013 Kromtech purchased the rights and ownership of MacKeeper and PCKeeper, two bundled software applications for the OS Xoperating system and for Windows-based computers. The website Cult of Mac asks whether MacKeeper is really a scam.[1] Kromtech has its MacKeeper and PCKeeper team in Ukraine. VIA:

而且骗说人家电脑有安全问题,mackeeper遭遇好几宗法律诉讼,被集体诉讼求偿200万美元,在2015年7月8号前付费给 mackeeper的都可以得到退款。

In January 2014 a class action lawsuit was filed against Zeobit in Illinois. The lawsuit alleged that “neither the free trial nor the full registered versions of MacKeeper performed any credible diagnostic testing” and reported that a consumer’s Mac was in need of repair and was at-risk due to harmful error.[32] In May 2014 a lawsuit was filed against Zeobit in Pennsylvania, alleging that MacKeeper fakes security problems to deceive victims into paying for unneeded fixes.[33] As of May 2015, the case is Pennsylvania is close to being settled. Under the settlement terms, ZeoBIT would put $2 million into a fund for those who want a refund, but admit no fault.[2] On August 10, 2015, Zeobit settled a class action lawsuit against it for $2 million.[34] Customers who bought MacKeeper before July 8, 2015, can apply to get a refund.[35] VIA:

苹果社区对此事也有反馈,有人说《 Do not install MacKeeper 》



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