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有一个美国白人在网上发表一段忏悔视频,说自己参与了华盛顿国会大厦的抗议活动,是被人雇佣来假装抗议,不说是谁付钱的,说这是”有组织行为“。 #炮打司令部 我加上了中英文字幕,供大家围观。 我尝试过找原始来源,但所有的相关视频都是270x…

( premiered at 2 weeks ago. )


中国网民认为幸好有蛋炒饭让毛泽东失去儿子,不然中国也跟朝鲜一样出现三代独裁者世袭,不然邓小平在70年代就没机会跟美国套近乎,没机会搞改革开放,那中国就跟朝鲜一样惨了。 ( publish at 5 month ago.)

Why Egg Fired Rice became Thanksgiving meal in China

Many chinese netizen will be cooking and eating egg fried rice on November 25 on chinese social media.They'll say November 25th is China version Thanksgiving and egg fried rice is their Thanksgiving meal. ( publish at 5 month ago.)


2020年的7月18日,星期六,我應新唐人電視台的廖偉辰先生的邀請,來到花蓮縣的花蓮市的七星潭廣場,面向法輪功學員做一個演講。这是佐拉第一次用說唱方式發表演講批判共產黨。 ( publish at 6 month ago.)

Who is Zola?

Zhou Shuguang, male, a.k.a. Zola or zuola, Thirty nine years old, Senior Network Engineer,Chinese blogger, activist, Getty Images Contributor, CEO & Founder of ZUOLA TECHNOLOGY, Original from Hunan China, immigrated to Ruisui Township Hualien County Taiwan (R.O.C) . He is a veteran fighting the censorship of news and Internet restrictions in China...

( As lonely knight, always selfieing by left hand. At Tiananmen Square. photo taken at 12 years ago. )


This documentary follows Zola and "Tiger Temple" whom reporting on sensitive news throughout China. Zola was developing social media skills and running one-man news stations while fighting censorship regulations and avoiding the risk of political persecution.

( movie trailer of HIGH TECH, LOW LIFE, premiered at 8 years ago. )


Thirty four years ago, China sent its first-ever email. “Across the Great Wall, we can reach every corner of the world,” the Mail Administration of China wrote to researchers at Germany’s University of Karlsruhe at 9:07 p.m. Beijing time at Sept. 14, 1987. But instead of bridging the wall, China has since built a new one, in cyberspace - the largest system of Internet censorship, control and surveillance in the world, nicknamed the Great Firewall of China. Zola was fighting against with Great Firewall.

(RTHK documentary "The Voices inside the Fire Wall", premiered at 13 years ago. )

More than 1,400 Twitter users around the world took part in a U.S. Department of State sponsored contest to define democracy and the State Department announced the most popular "tweet" was from a Chinese user Zola, as know as "@zuola " :

"Democracy is a set of game rules that, in their gradual process towards perfection, independent individuals and organisations in a civil society seek to maximize their interests by using transparent and nonviolent means"

the message from Zola, which presumably stuck to the 140-character Twitter limit in Chinese. Winner Prizes was a Flip Video HD Camcorder.

美国大使馆金瑞柏公使颁发 ”Twitter Contest Challenges the World to Define Democracy“的奖品和证书给周曙光 US Embassy Minister Robert Goldberg issued "Twitter Contest Challenges the World to Define Democracy" prizes and certificates to Zola (2010). photo taken at 10 years ago.