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( premiered at 9 month ago. )


2023年8月10日星期四下午,台北市济南路一段台大校友会馆,将有一场「呼吁总统候选人关心中国人权与民主」座谈会,我佐拉想要爭取第一个发言机会。我写好了演讲稿,从汉人的抗爭歷史到现状,到人权保护的国际意义,到对台湾的现实意义,我做了阐述。我现在徵求各位朋友的斧正,也征集连署,请你留言指正,或请留言连署支持。 ( publish at 11 month ago.)


2019年,Apple公司在Safari浏览器引入中国腾讯的安全浏览,使用中国腾讯维护的诈骗网站域名列表,引起轩然大波。2022年底,Apple苹果改变政策,偷偷更新了针对香港用户的Safari浏览器的隐私政策,要把香港用户的浏览网站的数据传输给腾讯,让Safari的香港用户也使用来自中国腾讯的blocklist,导致香港用户访问 也出现诈骗网站警告。 ( publish at 1 years ago.)


世界互联网大会国际组织于2022年7月12日在北京成立,据说在中国注册,总部位于北京。据说这个组织的成立,旨在搭建全球互联网平台,推动数字化、网络化、智能化趋势,共迎安全挑战,共谋发展福祉,构建网络空间命运共同体。佐拉评论认为,中共与互联网气质不符,并不是自由与开放的践行者。 ( publish at 2 years ago.)

Who is Zola?

Zhou Shuguang, male, a.k.a. Zola or zuola, Forty two years old, Senior Network Engineer,Chinese blogger, activist, Getty Images Contributor, CEO & Founder of ZUOLA TECHNOLOGY, Original from Hunan China, immigrated to Ruisui Township Hualien County Taiwan (R.O.C) . He is a veteran fighting the censorship of news and Internet restrictions in China...

( As lonely knight, always selfieing by left hand. At Tiananmen Square. photo taken at 15 years ago. )


This documentary follows Zola and "Tiger Temple" whom reporting on sensitive news throughout China. Zola was developing social media skills and running one-man news stations while fighting censorship regulations and avoiding the risk of political persecution.

( movie trailer of HIGH TECH, LOW LIFE, premiered at 12 years ago. )


Thirty seven years ago, China sent its first-ever email. “Across the Great Wall, we can reach every corner of the world,” the Mail Administration of China wrote to researchers at Germany’s University of Karlsruhe at 9:07 p.m. Beijing time at Sept. 14, 1987. But instead of bridging the wall, China has since built a new one, in cyberspace - the largest system of Internet censorship, control and surveillance in the world, nicknamed the Great Firewall of China. Zola was fighting against with Great Firewall.

(RTHK documentary "The Voices inside the Fire Wall", premiered at 16 years ago. )

More than 1,400 Twitter users around the world took part in a U.S. Department of State sponsored contest to define democracy and the State Department announced the most popular "tweet" was from a Chinese user Zola, as know as "@zuola " :

"Democracy is a set of game rules that, in their gradual process towards perfection, independent individuals and organisations in a civil society seek to maximize their interests by using transparent and nonviolent means"

the message from Zola, which presumably stuck to the 140-character Twitter limit in Chinese. Winner Prizes was a Flip Video HD Camcorder.

美国大使馆金瑞柏公使颁发 ”Twitter Contest Challenges the World to Define Democracy“的奖品和证书给周曙光 US Embassy Minister Robert Goldberg issued "Twitter Contest Challenges the World to Define Democracy" prizes and certificates to Zola (2010). photo taken at 14 years ago.