今天收到 Li Dan MM 的电子邮件,她在学“大众传媒”,最近在做一个研究调查,目的是调查 Bloggers 发布网络日志的动机、用途和满意度,所以要求我协助她完成她的调查表。这看来是一件非常有意义的事情。她的调查在这个星期六结束,为了让她的调查数据更充分,所以我也来帮她发动更多的blogger来协助她完成此项调查。如果您认为您是一名 Blogger,并且希望了解BLOG这种“个人新闻台”在更多人眼中是什么样的一件事物,请来协助 Li Dan MM 完成调查。总共有114个问题哦,我是借助 《金山词霸2003》 才填完表格[smile] 。
  调查问卷URL: http://www.lidan.net/survey.html
  如果您对 Li Dan 的调查结果感兴趣,请在星期六(2004年12月18日)之后向 LiDan 索取调查结果。

This is Dan Li, blogger from TIMELINE (http://blog.lidan.net). I am currently a 2nd year graduate student majoring in Mass Communication at Marquette University.

I am conducing a pilot study for my graduate course COMM 203 Quantative Research Method in Communiction. I composed a survey aiming to examine bloggers' motives, uses, and gratifications. The questionnaire is composed of 114 questions (I know it sounds crazy and overwhelming but I do need enough data to do a factor analysis) and might take 20 minutes to finish it. You participation is of great importance to me. The survey is located at http://www.lidan.net/survey.html

The study is more explorary than explanary. Due to the limitation of time and energy, it will be a pilot study only but would work as a basis for my master's thesis. If you are interested in the finding of this research, please feel free to request from me after Dec 18, 2004 via this email. I really appreciate your help.

I am using a "snowball" sumpling method so please forward this letter or pass the URL of survey (http://www.lidan.net/survey.html) to any bloggers you think appropriate for the survey. Thank you for your cooperation.

9 thoughts on “一个关于bloggers发布网络日志的动机、用途和满意度的调查”

  1. 天,才几小时没来,zola的字体又见大了呀 [lol]

    重在参与重在参与~but …. my english is very poor ~~~~金山词霸是个好东西 [redface]

  2. Thank you guys for helping me out. I do appreciate your time and support. [yes]

    The questionnaire is designed in English simply because I have to conduct the whole research in USA. I never meant to set a language barrier for Chinese bloggers. Actually so far I didn't taken nationality into account coz I didn't find any literature about the possible discrepancies between different cultures (thought it's fairly possible). However, I am considering translating the questionnaire into Chinese when I embark on the formal study (this is the pilot study). And I promise the questionnaire would be condensed into a brief one(that's for sure coz I myself hate long questions) because I can adjust the questions based on your guys' repondences and feedbacks. That's the most important thing in this pilot study I guess.

  3. Once again, special thanks to Zola for pointing out my typo and helping me spead the word(I am still a bad typist and can't never avoid typos. I am afraid you will still find a lot in this piece).

    Thanks go to xiaoun for your time. CIBA rocks. Though I have Merriam Webster I still use CIBA as the main E-dictionary. [smile]

    Thanks to *Afly too. I don't wanna scare you but you surely can check my travelogue on my photoblog here http://album.lidan.net. I don't have lots of pics of myself but I do have a collections of nice pics taken along my trip in USA.

    Thank moneywood as well. Your feedback is of importance to me and I'm grateful. I can absolutely understand the pains of filling out forms and I promise I won't let you suffer from that again.

    Happy holidays guys!

  4. 谢谢,li dan,没想到我发发牢骚你也认真的re,哈哈。




  5. 就是,做那道题时,我还去折算了一下,结果发现我的年薪还不到4000刀.


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